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I really feel for you personally and your family. In some cases individuals get it really easy after which you can find cases like yours! Judge Judy has individuals on her exhibit abusing the program each day. Its extremely unhappy but its operate with the govt so what can we count on? I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

You must make a request within 60 days from the date you received your discover of denial. If you want aid with filing your appeal, you are able to contact your local Social Security office. For more information over the appeals course of action, remember to visit our Appeal Processing publication on our Site. We hope this assists !

Our new on the net assets, the state disability truth sheets and our national disability problem paper, deliver unique information about our recipients’ demographics by state and congressional district. These assets are evidence of Social Security’s economic influence and profit to our most vulnerable citizens.

We are sorry to hear about your daughter’s medical circumstances Alicia. The amount of time it takes to obtain a hearing can differ from state to state. We attempt to solve all claims promptly, but there might be delays due to the volume of pending appeals in your area.

and was disregarded even when I used to be a youthful kid I used to be ccalled a snezzer and wheezer and was told it had been acute idiopathic chidhood atrhritis and experienced asprin thearapy whith cased a largebleed and place me in remission to get a number of years I would have cuts surface and open up and bled profusely and was accused of carrying out it to myself!

I retired early after thirty yrs as being a psychological health nurse to care fort my Mother and dad. When I turned sixty two I signed up and commenced drawing my social security.

My twin sister was authorized for 100% disability and there's nothing Erroneous with her. She goes for the health and fitness center, goes for the park with her Pet dog and on vacations on a boat with her boyfriend.

seven miles away. You will find Medical doctors plus a Hospital in which I Are living but Social Security will not enable them to complete the assessments nor will they permit their Medical Findings to get entered in my behalf. I'm 130% underneath the poverty level given that I have retired, I'm 68 yrs outdated, have contributed to Federal Social Security Funds that have been suppose to assist, not hinder.

He takes 21 drugs a day to control temper swings, agony in his back and might not stand over 5 minutes. Dailey living actions are tricky for him ie like taking a shower.

I’m Nearly ashamed to call myself an American at this stage. It is really shameful that our government has Allow her down. We have not applied for almost any government aid we just want what is rather thanks my wife in time to assist get us as a result of this horrible scenario.

yes i concur with the poeple who say social security can be a joke , I have tryied to work all my everyday living but haqve had a ailment that stops me I am good in some cases but latley, im wonderful once per month for the while then back to finders and toes occur apart Severe pain in my flank I get x rays blood exam and The entire little bit they preserve saying we cant see anything at all Mistaken with you the discomfort in your joints , aged age the tummy pains Ibs the attention difficulties you arent likely blind a little cataracts and retinal detach ment thats all you'll be able to nonetheless see a little your good the kidney stones are in a single location and thats not a dilemma oh and the adreanl tumor dosent seem to bee Lively its not the situation your collapsed lung is ok your oxegen is 98 your heart is okay a little stops now and again no issue alittle asprin and you may go away the hospital after five days of assessments we dont see nearly anything Improper with you end losing tax payers cash …the social security office also dropped all my records …so that they went with the backup the one wherever my new doc past year stated bob has somatic complaints of partial paralisis and blindness intermittent and is particularly a frequnent er pateint and should be evauated for opiate dependantcy so I went throught much more tests piss exams and so they decided I had been on opiates and acoloh oh wait around we blended up yopu test !

They reported for me to sign up with the submit office to get my mail from ss. Now you know why our veterans are on the road. Talking to some Other individuals on line two of which work at ss say it sometimeseems take seven decades to acquire approved. Lots of people die before getting their Gains. In reality the Girl that I talked to that works for ss loves her job for the reason that she gets to call and Allow people know that their application is accepted. See reported that there are numerous folks that die prior to obtaining a dime that they have lyle menendez attorney a reputation for it. So individuals don’t depend on social security. If you're able to work beneath the table some where and maintain all your money it’s most likely a better option. Who realized that forty million illegals would get it correct.

This entire course of action is actually a joke. I’ve experienced four TIAs and one total stroke And that i’m Just about thirty. The final one happened within the the job in which I coughed up blood. I’ve been denied ssa, along with the appeal, bought a lawyer And that i’m having no where. I have a great number of rare diseases that r so painful that there r times I have to consume in mattress on my side. This total method is actually a joke if ur young. I put up with from strokes, angiodema, cervical dystonia, trigiminal, severe migraines where I can’t take in or transfer, Addison’s disorder, ADHD, despair, bipolar, PTSD, asthma, stomach ulcers, excess, I’m allergic to almost every food items with an airbourne peanut allergy which makes my nervousness worse when I head out, my heart level operates from one hundred thirty-257, I have complex partial seizures and An additional form of epilepsy, carpetunnell syndrome, and apparently this isn't more than enough health conditions.

Her life has actually been provided to getting care of Many others and when her disabilities trigger her to stop she is not think about after Placing in all of these a long time of spending into

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